About Fight Scrub

We started Fight Scrub out of necessity.

While one of our founders was competing in Kick Boxing Championships all over Europe he never found a product that could keep him safe from Staph, MRSA and Ringworm. After multiple bouts with some of these common issues, we hit the lab to create a product that would help us and our friends keep safe while continuing to do the things we love.

At first we made a few bars of our Original soap and used it for ourselves while sharing it with a few friends. People were starting to love our soap and wanting to get some of their own.

Fight Scrub was born. We were new, making a few bars at a time and selling by word of mouth. We did this for many years, content with helping our closest friends and family combat the nasty things in life.

In 2018 we made the decision to follow our passion and put all we have into the brand. We are still dedicated to making all of our products in small batches to ensure we bring you the highest quality and consistent products we can. This is a source of pride and we will never let up. We are committed to our customers and our brand. You work hard on the mats, in the gym and on patrol and you deserve the absolute best.

Cheers !

The Fight Scrub Family

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